The Extraordinary Child by Susan A. Haid, Author/Producer, Lily’s Truth,

by Susan A. Haid

All children are extraordinary. The messages our children receive from the world around them affect their developing perception of themselves, often damaging their self-esteem very early on. If we want our children to grow up with a strong sense of self-worth, feeling free to apply their individual brand of talent without doubt or limitation, then we need do three simple things for our kids on an ongoing basis:

1) Make sure your child knows that every child is creatively gifted in some way. Exploration in all areas of life needs to be fully supported by parents but chosen as an area of personal interest and discovery by the child first. Kids must be encouraged to experiment with creativity not only in the traditional academic areas identified as areas of “giftedness” but in all areas: science, writing, art, music, invention, sports, music, dance or whatnot. The list of areas in which to encourage creativity and originality is endless.  Creativity can be applied to any endeavor, and talent can be cultivated without limiting notions of what talent should look like to be considered valid.

2) Make sure kids know that grades and test scores do not define who they are or what their capability is. Grades and test scores indicate only a very small portion of who our kids really are.  The message kids get from parents should be on the importance of being educated. Kids naturally use grades and test scores to evaulate their worth and ability, and this affects their self-image and self-esteem; Kids need to get the message that they are capable of far more than a grade or test can ever indicate. Children must also understand that grades, either good or bad, do not guarantee success or failure in life.   The formula for success in life goes far, far beyond grade point averages.  Children must be encouraged to appreciate their own talents and gifts, understanding their potential in life is always unlimited.

3) Provide creative opportunities to stimulate your child’s imagination. Ensure that kids have free time, without structure, pressure, discipline or other demands, to give them the opportunity to use their imaginations.  Creativity and the imagination go hand-in-hand.  Because we live, by and large, in a culture that places unduly heavy emphasis on the intellect alone, the imagination is not, as of yet, cultivated to its full potential.  Without the use of the imagination, new ideas, discoveries, cures and other amazing potentials would not exist.  As a wonderful aside, creative activities help kids (and adults) to feel happy, energized and purposeful.

Your child is extraordinary!  For more exciting information about raising empowered, happy kids, visit for additional tools to raise amazing children.


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  1. Denis
    Sep 18, 2009 @ 14:52:09

    Every child is indeed special. Creating an invironment where the child has time to truly feel that is one of the most important things we as parenst can do.
    Here is a dynamite method anyone can practice to help children build self esteem – brick by brick:
    1) First place the child in a relaxing position – like in bed or in his favorite
    2) Create a calm atmosphere by dimming the lights and playing soft calm music.
    3) Work trough a 3 minute relaxation exercise with your child using relaxing
    suggestions (“Your legs feel heavy, warm and relaxed”, “Your arms feel warm,
    relaxed and heavy” etc).
    4) Then tell a story with a quest theme. A story where the child explores a magic kingdom – or something similar – and where there is an important mission ahead. The story has to be told in such a fashion that the child is the main character. He or she is the hero (very important).
    5) Along the way there should be challenges where the child is getting time to imagine how to overcome obstacles. At the completion of such tasks, you interject small positive affirmations (“That was great! – You did that perfectly!” “That is because you are such a smart kid!” etc.)
    6) Finally, the quest is completed and the ones your child helped along the way celebrate. Again this is a good place to interject positive affirmations.
    7) Let the music play for a while longer and watch your child relax and frequently doze off.
    All this can sound a bit daunting. But it works! – After repeating this method for just a few days, you begin to see noticeable improvement in your child’s demeanor. He is happier. More self confident and ready to tackle new challenges. Food binging declines and he starts taking better care of himself.
    If you need a little help getting started, WorldEsteem offers five programs that has music, relaxation exercise, children story and positive affirmations all integrated in five separate audio programs.
    You can use the method as described above, or you may download the programs (here) and start today.


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    Sep 23, 2009 @ 22:55:12

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