Guiding the Transformation of Wounded Energies in Children by Susan A. Haid, author, Lily’s Truth

From The Parenting Sessions…

Parenting Sessions

Convention would say that a playground is a place of games, a place of delightful little children running gleefully about without a care in the world. Although there may be some truth to this, in essence, the playground is a place of dramatic energy exchange, the undertones of which are often not-so-playful. Much of the time, the playful nature of a child is a vehicle for grand expression and joyful expansion through the senses. This is where Creatorship begins, through play and experimentation.

The consciousness of a child is a compilation of unseen structures that emerge into physical reality that now must be filtered through this thing we refer to as the mind. What ensues is a set of responses or reactions to a given set of circumstances that feed or reinforce the mindset of the child. Beliefs and ideas concerning reality are innate within the being from birth. Theā€¦

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