About Lily’s Truth

photo Lily’s Truth, a book on DVD, is a comprehensive guide to empowerment for parents, caregivers, kids, teens and young adults. If you are seeking effective tools and definitive solutions for the challenges kids face today, embark on the journey of Lily’s Truth. You will find yourself immersed in a wondrous tale that offers practical yet powerful skills everyone should know about.

As a tool and resource for parents and caregivers, Lily’s Truth fully explains many empowering concepts that we hope to teach our children. These fundamentals range from Authority, Trust, Individuality, and Standards to Rights, Communication, Passion, Faith in Self and so much more. The 17 complete chapters provide a concrete foundation to help raise strong, centered children who are in touch with their originality, authenticity and worth. This DVD is a tremendous catalyst for conversation between parents and kids, and it gives parents the knowledge and the tools to raise empowered, sovereign children as well. Lily’s Truth is a magical tale about a teenage girl named Lily who embarks on an astonishing dream journey of self-discovery and empowerment. She has a mystical visionary experience in which she meets seventeen Master Teachers who lovingly impart the wisdom that ultimately leads her to a greater understanding of herself, her life and her world. Lily’s Truth is an uplifting and inspirational story that offers practical and useful everyday skills to the young learner. As real world skills are delivered, the viewer is treated to beautiful images of breath-taking original art and brilliant illustrations. Lily at last realizes that she is the creator of the life she wants to live. Her lessons are those which help her understand how to build a joyous life and build beautiful, supportive relationships. Finally, and most importantly, Lily learns that she is grander than she ever imagined as she comes to behold the great truth that her authority, creative power, and Godhood emerge from within herself. Lily’s Truth is a cutting edge, educational multimedia package that includes a colorful, enchanting book on DVD and a Data Disc. The Data Disc provides the full text of the book Lily’s Truth, a set of printable Lily’s Truth Contemplation Cards, and a printable version of the Lily’s Truth Coloring Book. Lily’s Truth is a magical guidebook that offers universal wisdom to everyone. This DVD book is a valuable, progressive resource that reminds us all to live each day to the fullest and to realize our grand potential.

What’s Your Truth? Take the journey…


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