The Power of Unstructured Learning by Susan A. Haid

The Power of Unstructured Learning

If you are an enlightened, conscious parent, teacher or caregiver, then we have something special for you! We’ve put together a short video production designed to keep new ideas and inspiration flowing. Ultimately, we desire to be part of the movement to create new, gentle and evolved approaches for guiding our children. It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent, teacher or caregiver. If you consider yourself to be a highly progressive individual  who is on board with the evolution of conscious work with kids, then click on the link below and take a listen…

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Guiding the Transformation of Wounded Energies in Children by Susan A. Haid, author, Lily’s Truth

From The Parenting Sessions…

Parenting Sessions

Convention would say that a playground is a place of games, a place of delightful little children running gleefully about without a care in the world. Although there may be some truth to this, in essence, the playground is a place of dramatic energy exchange, the undertones of which are often not-so-playful. Much of the time, the playful nature of a child is a vehicle for grand expression and joyful expansion through the senses. This is where Creatorship begins, through play and experimentation.

The consciousness of a child is a compilation of unseen structures that emerge into physical reality that now must be filtered through this thing we refer to as the mind. What ensues is a set of responses or reactions to a given set of circumstances that feed or reinforce the mindset of the child. Beliefs and ideas concerning reality are innate within the being from birth. The…

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5 Keys to Raising Children of Worth; A Spiritual Perspective by The Parenting Sessions

Parenting Sessions

DSCN7804 Supporting the development of self-worth in kids has been a highly debated topic often marked by complaints of overindulgence, unjustified praise or constant ego-boosting. Amidst the heated debates, however, there is an elegant solution to this very fragile and misunderstood concept.

Initially, children have blind trust in the world and in their caregivers. For a short period of time during a child’s early years, the reasons for this are obvious. And, it goes without saying, the safer the environment, the better for the child.

Eventually, however, the child must engage with the world as it is, as painful and as challenging as that may be. So, let’s cut to the quick. What can we do about this?

Well, we can do a lot, quite frankly, using a few simple yet powerful tools.

Although it may sound counterintuitive, the first seed we can plant within our child’s budding awareness is the idea…

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