Featured Products

Featured Products

Lily’s Truth DVD/CD

Lily’s Truth is a unique production. Lily’s Truth is a cutting-edge, comprehensive multimedia guide to spiritual empowerment for parents, caregivers, and kids of all ages. Lily’s Truth is a magical tale about a teenage girl named Lily who embarks on a wondrous dream journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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The Data Disc

A Data Disc is included with the DVD. This disc provides the full text of Lily’s Truth for individuals who would like to read the book. For individuals wishing to explore the concepts discussed in the DVD and the book, the Data Disc provides a set of 52 printable contemplation cards, one card for each week of the year. Also, for very young learners, the data disc provides a printable coloring book.

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    A Must Have for Every Parent,
    October 28, 2008

    By Sandra Beck “Great Mom” (Beverly Hills, CA United States)

    This dvd is a must have for anyone who is a parent that wants to teach their children in a gentle, creative way to empower themselves. I bought a copy and was pleasantly surprised how quickly and effectively the information was delivered. I found the art to be a visual treat and my whole experience with the DVD that I bought to share with my family also enlightened me as well. I would highly recommend this to any serious parent who wants the best for their children.

    Uplifting, inspirational and absolutely beautiful! A MUST!!, September 30, 2008

    By Jamie Suchey (Arvada CO)

    The information given in Lily’s Truth can be used by so many people. Young teens who seem unsure about the many things life is revealing to them along with being pulled in all directions by their peers, will find focus, self love, confidence, courage, spirital growth and much more, through the lessons and stories of the many characters in this DVD. This amazing guide has helped me get on the right track to inner peace and acceptance of who I am, no matter how someone has made me feel or what they may have said. It was fabulous!


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