Introducing Smokin’ Hot Mama, the New Release by Susan A. Haid

Excerpt from the new book  Smokin’ Hot Mama by Susan A. Haid:

…….In my past life, I had a perfect body, a gorgeous face and lots of attention from men (not to mention a whole boatload of repression). Today, what really tickles my fancy is that it is no longer the men who tell me that I’m sexy, it’s the women. I have had many women blurt out that they think I’m sexy, and I can assure you that there is nothing about me that meets our cultural standard of “sexy.” I am full-figured, fine-lined, stretch-marked, saggy, baggy and perfectly, ecstatically, deliriously happy. I have thrown my head back and laughed out loud more than once when told by a woman that I am sexy. However, what these women are sensing is an inner sexy that has nothing to do with superficial appearances. I am wearing the look of genuine warmth, joy, peace and acceptance, and these attributes are monumentally magnetic in a world weary of surface appearances, masks and games. In telling my story, I am telling the story of liberation, acceptance, true happiness and lasting beauty that never ages, needs Botox or loses sex appeal. At midlife, I am one Smokin’ Hot Mama……

Smokin’ Hot Mama is a light-hearted, fun, funny little book that invites the reader to step boldly (and nakedly) into complete liberation and full acceptance of oneself. Take a ride with Smokin’ Hot Mama as she throws convention to the wind, laughs brazenly at herself and at life in general. Written with hilarity and poignancy, this is a book you will read over and over again. It will warm your heart and lift your spirit. Quite possibly, you will never look at yourself the same way again. After turning the final page, you might be hopelessly inclined to fall in love with yourself.  For more exciting details, visit


Parenting With Ease: The Lost Art Of Listening by Susan A. Haid, Author/Producer, Lily’s Truth

by Susan A. Haid

One of the best things we can do as parents is simply listen, with an open mind and an open heart, to our children. We represent the safe space, so to speak, where our kids can say exactly what they’re thinking and feeling without judgment. This is a very, very important role we play and not to be underestimated in it’s influence on our child’s development. As parents, we often feel the need to guide or control our children, and although this role has its place, sometimes the very best thing we can do is listen, just listen. When we become the sounding board for our kids, we give them the opportunity to figure things out for themselves and feel supported in their experiences. Expect that what your kids will say will be contradictory, full of emotion, or drama, or self-centeredness. This is O.K.   Kids need to vent just like adults do. We don’t need to make every conversation a life lesson.   When we simply listen with presence, we have created a place where kids are free to express themselves openly then let those energies lie until the answers emerge on their own.   When children know they have your presence and support in this way, they are free to think and feel without fear, without control, without guilt or shame.   The answers they will come up with, then, will be clear, empowered and honoring of the self.  Of course, there will be times when lengthly, guiding conversations are necessary. But most of the time, our job as a parent is very simple: listen.   This takes a lot of pressure off of the job of parenting. Try it and and see.   It seems to work miracles, but the real miracle is the natural wisdom that exists within your child.

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Can You Teach Your Child About Trust? Empowering Kids In a New Way by Susan A. Haid, Author/Producer, Lily’s Truth

by Susan A. Haid

If you are anything like me, then you want your children to be able to tell the difference between the people they can trust and the people they can’t. Not only are these skills important for kids to learn during childhood, but these are vitally important skills they will carry into adulthood. There aren’t any common conventional ways to teach this important concept to kids, but I can give you some simple techniques that can help.
The single most important thing we can teach our children is to trust their perceptions, feelings and instincts. This means we should validate what our children see and feel, reflecting back to them that their perceptions are accurate. These natural protective mechanisms are so quickly and easily shut down in young children. Kids are often taught to override their natural instincts and hide their reactions in lieu of behaving in a manner that is considered polite, acceptable or appropriate.
We all have been culturally conditioned not to trust what we see and feel at the most fundamental level. We must admit that this has not served our best interests. This deficiency surely is not one we want to foster in our children, yet this conditioning has become akin to a virus…everyone does it. It should be perfectly acceptable for children to express what they see, what they think, and what they feel merely to have the important experience of having their viewpoint and feelings validated. We can help them learn to trust themselves. We can also teach our kids how to express themselves in a respectful yet honest way. If our children can trust themselves implicitly, then they will be able to take care of themselves perfectly well in almost any situation.
We must ensure that our kids have the opportunity to live as freely as possible, trusting their innate ability to know and to choose what is right for them. If we do, we will be proud to watch our children make choices that serve them well.

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How to Empower Your Children by Susan A. Haid, Author/Producer, Lily’s Truth


Lily's Truth

Lily's Truth

by Susan A. Haid


So you want to be happy?  You should be happy.  You truly deserve to be happy.  In fact, you should be more than content.  You should be more than modestly gratified.  You should be and can be living an intoxicatingly, ecstatic existence.  In this world of tremendous challenge and confusion, you can be deliriously happy.  You can find your passionate life.  You, yes, you can find yourself swimming in a glorious, clear limpid pool of unlimited fulfillment.  And what’s best of all, when you learn to do it, your kids will learn to do it, and so on and so on.


            But before you dive in to that indulgent pool of supreme rapture, there are a few fundamental concepts to contemplate.  I am going to get you started with the first basic lesson I have to offer.  I will be brief and to the point, but the work, the real work, is then up to you.  You see, you may not understand where I am leading you just yet, but you are going on a journey.  Pack very lightly.  All you need is some time and a Kleenex or two.  Let’s be on our way…


            Now, don’t be put off by my first question.  I can assure you that after many years of experience, most people don’t know the authentic answer to this question; do you know who you are?  Do you really know what YOU think, what YOU believe, and most tellingly, what YOU feel?


            You see, you may think you do, and perhaps you do.  If so, you have accomplished an amazing feat in a world that constantly tells us who we should be, how we should look, how we should act and what we should be doing.  The pressure to live up to this artificial standard is aimed point blank at our hearts.  The bullets are delivered through a constant bombardment of external, unrealistic, unloving messages that shoot mercilessly and painfully from all directions at once.


            What ultimately happens, then, is that we lose touch with our most basic truth: ourselves.


            So ask yourself these simple questions as a contemplative exercise, “Who am I?  What do I think?  What do I believe?  What do I feel?”  As you do this, take a look at who you are expected to be by others.  What is the identity you have created for yourself that serves the needs, beliefs and ideas of others?  As you are delving within yourself, don’t be ashamed of what you might find.  You may laugh.  You may cry.  You may see that you have denied, covered-up, or buried the beautiful, original creature you truly are.  You have done it in love and service to others.  And this is an honorable thing.


            But the idea of self-sacrifice is an old and outdated one.  Now is the time to throw convention to the wind.  Now is the time to let go of all the beliefs you have about yourself and your world.  Now is the time to rise and shine.  And, there is only one path to follow; you must liberate the truth within yourself.  It will require strength.  It will require courage.  Above all, it will require self-knowledge.  It will catalyze the birth of your rightful self.  It is the single most empowering act you will ever accomplish.  There is no more denying you, the REAL you.  And as you are like a phoenix rising, remember also that this is the greatest gift you will ever give to yourself, your children and the world.


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